Microsoft, a name that has the most recognition in the technical world. It is a company that has

showered the world with a wide range of products that we now take for granted but can’t live

without. Need to write a paper or make a presentation maybe, you just fire up your computer &

open up Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. If you ask anyone who was not born in the 90’s

but prior to that, they’ll tell you what a big difference there was in technology at that time, the

software was slow, annoying to work with & the end result wasn’t so pretty either but if you see the

software’s of today they are quite convenient to work with, also you can achieve whatever result you require & even more so.

Delving into the details of Microsoft, it is primarily a software company started by the Paul Allen & Bill Gates in 1975. Whenever anyone hears the name Microsoft, the thing that comes first to theirmind is Microsoft Windows, the most successful OS in history. In today’s world, Microsoft has a certain dominance in the OS sector, which started from the time they released MS-DOS out into the world through IBM PC’s & eventually became the leading vendor in the OS market. Now although MS-DOS was an amazing piece of software, it got extended into a version known as Windows, the operating system we love & adore, for many of us an OS we can’t function without. According to the latest statistics by Net Applications regarding Desktop system browsing about 87.13% desktop & laptop computers contain a Windows OS, & numbers don’t lie.


Microsoft has impacted our lives majorly, it gave us two things at that time no other company did,

it was the first real software company, this is cause at that time the software side of computing did

not hold much value but Microsoft changed the scenario & by doing this it essentially commoditized

computer hardware which in turn made computing accessible to the masses. Now as soon as this

happened there was another advantage that Microsoft gave to the people, the ability to innovate &

create third party software’s on the Windows OS platform. One could just keep on talking for hours

about the changes, the impacts that were made possible by Microsoft in the world.

Now in today’s world whether it’s browsing the World Wide Web on Internet Explorer on a PC

running Windows or making a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint or even playing games on an

Xbox, there are quite many people among us whose entire experience of the digital era is filtered

through the products that Microsoft has created & there are also those who use other products

for the same purposes based on their own preferences but they still do it mainly on a Windows OS,

the people have been given option to innovate, make their own products & for other people to use

that product. About a decade ago there was a buzz in the news regarding the ‘Dot-com Bubble’,

the foundation of this era was based on the OS’s, most important of them being the ones that

were created by Microsoft, it’s simple to understand, an OS is required in which there would be a

software, in this case a browser, through which you can browse the internet. Now because third

party software’s could be developed on Microsoft’s OS, anyone could create their own browser, this

is what led to the very first browser that was convenient enough for people to start using, Mosaic,

which was later renamed as Netscape Navigator. Everyday more & more people started surfing the

internet, & the websites that were on it, like Google, Yahoo & many more.



Well , at last from OS to Gaming, from presentations to document editing, and from data handling using MS EXCEL to searching the World Wide Web, One Company Has a great deal of importance in our life.the name is MICROSOFT.

NOW , What I  consider Microsoft is an institution which would help me know the inner side of the circuits and programming used in my windows phone or my laptop. it would help me make the best use of my engg course which would in turn help me to teach my friends  AND   family .

Please like and share the blog, to get me into MSA. Thank you. Let the technology spread begin !


29 thoughts on “#MSAIndia”

  1. Very well written. For any kid our age, Microsoft is the biggest boon and I can’t imagine life with no Microsoft.

  2. This article is really helpful for people who look forward to expanding their basic knowledge of Microsoft.very well written and nicely highlights many new features of MS. Amazing blog.

  3. Thank you for such an inspiring article. this will be a guiding sign for those who have a dream. well done 🙂

  4. Microsoft designed complex/bulky applications that may require higher intel processor. It was in this way people keep on upgrading new hardware with new bulky microsoft application versions.
    Ever wonder more than 20 years gone with windows 95, still computer takes so much time to start.
    It could easily start like a TV with such high end processor.
    Microsoft have the technology but with handshakes with intel, don’t go for innovation.

    1. The slow down overtime is due to loading too much software,loading duplicate software,installing too much free/trial softwares,using old out-dated or incorrect drivers, installing new drivers without uninstalling the old ones and also may be due to malware or spyware.

      1. Don’t mind, here, you are wrong. You pick a new machine, new o/s, and it also takes considerable time.

        Search on Google – “innovators dilemma” to better understand what I mean.

  5. Informative and precise. What I do like: your opinion is involved. Keep going through this path.
    I encourage you to visit my blog, as well. ellenonthemap.wordpress.com
    I’m looking for some feedback!

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